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I am here to help you. I do podcasting and can get you attention. There are a lot of podcast interviews listed on this site. Email or text me. Go to these pages to see how to reach me.

How to reach me? Facebook is good. There is also a page on this site that has a contact form Site Stuff

I am also this year giving entertainers and vendors ad space on certain pages - first come first served ..... my choice ... for free.

Entertainers and Vendors IF you are interested in this.... send me a ad and a link to it and give me an idea where you would like it posted... there is a form on our sitestuff page.... look in the menu.

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Like the site? It takes a lot of constant work and input and cash. So if you could donating a little thru our paypal acct. would help me.

Countyfairgrounds CoolKay was established in 1998 when I started this website because fairs and festivals make me happy. I am now 74 - and still at it. I want to help fairs, events, Entertainers, Vendors and carnivals.
The website makes very very little cash....just a little from Google Adsense... which thru the years has gotten harder to use. We will be trying to add - ad slots on the state pages soon, which will be available for $10 a month. Mostly my social security supports this site and technology has become more difficult to use. This site gets a lot of traffic and appears to help a lot of people. That is my intent. Unfortunately, I am getting older and less well. I am asking for help.

...(1) Tech Help: The problem with tech is I find someone to help, but, I do not know if they know what they are doing. ...(2) I am looking for Sponsors ...(3) I am looking for someone interested in keeping this site running when I cannot.

How to reach me? Facebook is good. There is also a page on this site that has a contact form Site Stuff

Want to donate? that would help too and enable us to use better technology to help you. **************************************************************************************************

Notice Stained Glass Eagle

I am trying to find a home for this stained glass piece I made years ago. I used to love to do stained glass - I no longer do this It was hanging in a mountain restaurant for awhile - that is where this shot was taken .... Its really a beautiful piece.... very well reinforced around the perimeter. I would be willing to give it to an appropriate institution .... who would display it ... and pay for the shipping on it of course. I would be willing to sell it also. I MADE this.... it was a lot of work ... if you have a genuine interest in this piece.... go to our site stuff page and send me a message. I LUV this piece and I care where it goes.